Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wah, almost half a year!

Hmmm... pejam celik pejam celik...5 months lepas sudah since my last post... what else can be the reason, as usual >> lazy lar :p
Bagi mereka yang berkahwin, selamat pengantin baru and congratz congratz. Semoga bahagia ke anak cucu... for those getting cahaya mata yang pertama, kedua, ketiga....tak kisah la yang ke berapa pun..congratz congratz also :D I'll join u all nanti.
Oh, this time nak intro power ball. Aik aik, don't serong the fikiran.... it's really power ball la. Tak percaya ar, here you go >> Whoever berminat, can contact me also. Not I owned one, just helping to spread the words around :)

Monday, March 09, 2009

Watching - The Little Nyonya

I started to watch The Little Nyonya. A Sinkapo series that promotes the custom of the Peranakans. Thanks to them, else less n less ppl knows bout peranakan..even got a fren ask, "do u pray 5 times a day?"
They are very detailed. The costume, the customs, the food, the house..the tableware....fu yoh...looks like they did a good research and many homework..would be purfect if they speak the peranakan language.
Other than the jalan cerita yang menyayat hati...I'm hoping to know more of the I started to feel that I'm sooooo not peranakan... the nyonya suppose to pandai masak, pandai buat kuih, very lemah lembut, tak garang, always kat dapur....ish....
ok to cont watch alrd :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

After loooooong break

wah...dah lama tak blog. Last post was Nov 09, 08 and it is Jan 24, 09! Bukan apa, Nov bz to get married, after married pulak...dah malas want to blog...instead, was quite active Mafia-ing in FB :D.
Nov 08
- wedding completed! Like an assignment pulak :p had great time though
Dec 08
- officially an aunty and start becoming lazy to get online after work, and during offdays
- Kev bought Wii! and yes, every weekend will spend hours wii-ing :D
Jan 09
Happy 2009!
Manage to balik Melaka on 2nd week of Jan; and it was the first time balik after kahwin. Feel like sooooo long never go back.
This year CNY would be a different ones..til the 2nd last day, still didn't really feel the mood. Maybe din go back for kuih due to training in WW4..then didn't really shop til I drop (economy meleset la...) Then celebrating with different family...would be superly missing my cute little nephews and nieces!! **jiwang-ing**
Anyway, wishing everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai! Always prosperous and great luck all the time! :)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

What a nite!

I'm so lucky to experience the hen's nite! Made me do the parade (with props ok!) from cititel, al the way to babylon! the embarassing! some more got Arsenal vs ManU outside sega fredo....hundreds of ppl was there...waarrghhh....Place to hide? NONE!!!! just rempuh only la...
I really did enjoy the nite....a.k.a posing nite...haha.... pics, not with me of course.... believe the girls will upload it soon :)
Thank you to all the girls especially - MW, ML, MLing, PG, FY, JL, CY!!!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Uploaded pics

Finally, got the pics and uploaded at have to say the one I like is my solo that shows off my shoulder....kakkaka...
don't laugh ar....i know look weird/funny....
one comment - pls dont go to crystal brides @ b'worth...long story cut short ----sakit hati aje...

what am I doing?

Sedar tak week will be the reception in Melaka already...just a few days more. The NORMAL brides will try to eat as little as they can... however, me....hahhaa... on the other hand..dengan happy-nya makan tak henti-henti...ish....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The "feel", is like school time....

Damn long never study like have to get back to this kind of life...I hate studying!
arrrghh.... get (er, got campur word challenge during breaks la )...ish...menyampah la the feeeling...
Today, got the first paper...felt effort was a bit wasted due to the questions were from passed years...damn it...baik read the questions only...actually I read the book, just to make myself feel better oni...hehhee...
6 more to go before the final cert...hopefully can finish cepat cepat la....tapi would take time til 2nd or 3rd Q kot...ish ish ish....
p/s: Nervousness, still there...went for toilet twice before the test :P

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Finally, I'm on Facebook

I'm on facebook! hehehehe...thanks to my housemate who challenged Mr. Leong on Word Challenge :D. My hands was on Kevin's laptop and playing it...thinking..hmm...cannot cannot, must get my daa...I played it and reached 8k so far...I know not much, like some ppl I know, alrd over 60k...HOW in the world they did that ar...really wondering man...
On 3rd day on facebook, I was already chatting with my bro! geeee...siok..maybe willl ask him to get msn or yahoo next time, then can see my cute niece and nephews :D